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Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you ride a Fat Boy Harley or a Kawasaki Ninja, you probably love your bike. Make sure you have it protected- your custom parts and paint, your gear, and you. Motorcycle insurance requirements are different, and it can be easy to be caught unprotected with big out of pocket bills. Give RKI Insurance a call, and we’ll help you fine-tune great coverage at competitive prices.

RV Insurance

Your RV isn’t just your getaway and ticket to adventure- it’s a significant investment, and you need to protect it. At RKI, we work with you to find the right kind of coverage for your RV. Whether you've invested in a classic motorhome or you've purchased a brand-new, state of the art travel trailer, ,no matter the size of the vehicle, its age, or where you plan on going, we are here to help protect you and the RV. All you need to do is give our team a call, and we'll help you get the coverages you need to hit the road with confidence.

Boat Insurance

There’s just something different about owning a boat. Many toys are a way of life, but boating is a way of life with a distinct purpose and a learning curve. Boats help you fish, enjoy the water, and spend time enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. At RKI, we can insure your runabout or your jet boat, your fishing equipment and boating electronics, and get you great liability protection from quality insurance companies at competitive prices. Before you cast off this spring, give us a call.

Options Are a Beautiful Thing...

RKI represents a slate of quality, reliable insurance carriers of all sizes and stripes. We write with big names like Progressive, Nationwide, and Metlife who have resources to handle your every need. We have great partnerships with smaller carriers like Sublimity and Grange, who still write insurance in a personal way. We’ve been writing with our flagship carrier, Safeco, since 1928, and they combine the resources of a national carrier with high quality of service and a personal touch. . Regardless of your situation, whether it’s a classic Airstream or a custom-built bike, RKI can help you find great coverage at a good price.

Blending New Technology with Traditional Agency Values

It doesn't matter if you only meet face to face or if you work entirely online, our team at RKI can work with you in finding the right auto insurance. We love to meet up over coffee, but are ready to set up a video conference and handle documents through e-sign. We love the convenience and features of modern technology, and we blend them with the same values that have driven our family agency since 1926 - honesty, advocacy, and stewardship.

Contact our agents at RKI for a free insurance quote.

RKI Referral

Referrals are the best form of advertising out there, and we love 'em! But its not fair that newspapers, radio stations, and even Facebook gets paid for their advertising but you don't! To fix that, RKI has started its own referral program to reward our "grassroot" marketers out there. If you send a friend to RKI to get a quote for home, auto, or liability insurance, we will send you $5 cash to go spend how you please. So send a friend or twelve to RKI for a quote for instant cash and chances to get some cash! *Excludes Health Insurance.*

We are looking to further improve our referral program, so feel free to suggest something and keep checking back to see any changes!