Welcome to the Neighborhood

We’re RKI, Roland King Insurance, Lebanon’s most trusted service-driven insurance agency since 1926

Since Vern Reeves first started selling insurance out of his old auto service center, RKI has been local and family-owned in Lebanon, Oregon. Now on our 4th generation, we bring traditional agency values alongside modern tech to bring you quality protection at a great cost and convenience. We pride ourselves on taking care of our community and protecting our clients, and we’d love to help you manage some of the biggest risks we all face. At RKI, you’ll get advocacy and advice along with customized insurance packages placed with great companies. Get quoted through multiple quality insurance companies, help fine-tune your quote, and get protected by insurance coverage you can take peace of mind in.

Welcome to the Neighborhood, we think you’ll love it here.

Oregon Auto Insurance Policies

Auto insurance policies take up the biggest portion of the insurance budget for most Oregonians. Auto insurance also protects Oregon drivers against one of the biggest threats to our financial futures- being responsible for a major accident. Here at RKI, we can help you select a policy that better protects you against major accidents, with a competitive price, and through a great insurance company. We’ll be there to help guide you through any issues, whether it’s with billing, underwriting, or claims. Below are some of the features of getting auto insurance coverage through RKI:

  • Comparative Rating Across Different Insurance Companies with One-Stop
  • Access to A+ Rated Insurance Companies
  • Automatic Policy Pricing Review When Renewals Increase Drastically*
  • Agency Minimum Limits Set to Protect You Better Than State Minimums
  • Guided Quote Reviews with Coverage Recommendations
  • Expert Assistance Navigating Billing, Claims, Underwriting, and Service Issues

Home insurance and other options

Our home insurance policies provide great protection at an affordable cost, with a slate of options to write just about any home with customized coverages like Service Line Coverage and Leakage & Seepage (not available to all companies, but available to most clients of RKI). With replacement cost policies, you receive the funds needed to replace your property with in-kind items, while actual cash value policies provide funds equal to the depreciated value of your property.

Our policy options also extend to coverage for your business, rental, farm, boat, non-profit organization, and more. If it has value, or it can get you in trouble, we can probably insure it, adjust coverage to meet your needs. We can protect your home, your business, your car, and your family if the unexpected happens through our policies and get you the only umbrella an Oregonian needs- an umbrella policy to protect you for when that rainy day of bad luck is really pouring it on strong. Our policies will help keep a bad day from becoming the worse day of your life.

To find out more information about our products and develop a comprehensive insurance plan, visit our office and speak with our agents. You can also use our online rating tool to generate a home or auto insurance quote.