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Shop Lebanon: Rules for Businesses

Who is Eligible:

All local Lebanon only businesses are eligible if they agree to follow the rules of Shop Lebanon, not act on behalf of Shop Lebanon without express permission, and pay the Shop Lebanon Business donation. Businesses from other towns/cities are not eligible but we will include outlying businesses (Mallard Creek, Pineway, Waterloo Store, etc.). No chains, franchises, national, or global businesses may participate.


    1. Register and pay either the Shop Lebanon Business donation of $15 or the Shop Lebanon Sponsorship of $50 (the sponsorship includes the $15 participation fee and your logo will be spotlighted on the Shop Lebanon Website). This program is being supported by Partners for Progress (a 501c-3 Non-Profit EIN: 35-2330779) so these donations are tex deductible. This fee is to cover printing of the Shopper cards, store signage, ledgers, and all other direct needs. Any excess will be used towards advertising Shop Lebanon throughout the rest of June and July.
    a. Interested Lebanon businesses must either come register, call RKI at 541-451-1313, or send a registration email to Registration is not complete until payment has been accepted
    2. Participating stores will have the following duties
    a. Post Shop Lebanon signage to inform customers they are participating
    b. Keep track of customer purchases with a weekly tracker and a monthly master
    i. Weekly tracker: Write customer name & number, record transaction number under the day of the week
    ii. Monthly master: write customer name & number, mark days they make purchases
    iii. Weekly trackers will be collected weekly but copies should be kept. Misplaced ledgers must be avoided at all costs and backups are necessary to ensure the success of the program. Any misplaced ledgers w/o backups will be spotlighted on the various Shop Lebanon communication channels to inform all parties.
    c. Minimum Purchase is $5: businesses found disregarding limit may be subject to punitive action
    3. Administration, card distribution, point collection/tallying, and winner selection will be handled by RKI. Businesses will have registration cards to pre-register customers but the customers must still come to RKI for the Lebanon Shopper Card.
    4. Any Business that is found falsely participating or advertising unauthorized bonus points will be spotlighted on the various Shop Lebanon communication channels.
Shop Lebanon begins counting points at the start of business July 1st, and ends at the end of RKI's business day (5:00 pm) on July 31st. Businesses will be allowed to register at any point during the contest, but early registering is recommended to be a part of the initial advertising. After 5:00 pm on July 31st RKI will make a final round to participating businesses to collect the final weekly tracker and the monthly master. If you are unable to provide the final ledgers at that time you will have until 8 pm to deliver them to Wyatt at RKI. Businesses that do not turn in the final ledgers will be spotlighted on all Shop Lebanon's communication channels. This is to allow for final accounting and winner selection that night, leaving 2 full days for the winner to prepare to have fun at the Oregon Jamboree! ' As you may have noticed, about the worst "punishment" Shop Lebanon can enforce is spotlighting on the various communication channels. Shop Lebanon is on the honor system, and it is our hope that businesses will want to help each other and inspire Lebanon Shoppers to shop local. This is about raising the tide of shopping local in Lebanon in a way that won't sink any ships. A lot of people have dedicated a lot of hours at no charge simply because they want to see Lebanon prosper. The Shop Lebanon Business Donation will be the only cost to participating businesses. Ledgers, signage, and hopefully some advertisement will all be derived from the pool of money. Businesses may further sponsor the Shop Lebanon program and sponsors will receive special highlights and bonus point privileges. Authoritative power rests with the Shop Lebanon Comity who reserve the right to add or change rules if deemed necessary, as well as enforce punitive measures if necessary, in order to keep Shop Lebanon fun and fair. Shop Lebanon is happy to hear suggestions and comments but final power rests with the administration.

Are You a Local Business?

If you are interested in joining the Shop Lebanon, come on by RKI Insurance at 1175 Main Street, email Wyatt at,
or call RKI at 541-451-1313 and he will come sign you up! Participation fees are not prorated so sign up soon!
To register via email please send an email with the subject "Shop Lebanon Business Registration" and include the following information: Business Name, Phone Number, Email, If you're sponsoring and how much, and include any links to Facebook or a webpage.

Sponsor Links

These links are businesses and organizations that are going above and beyond to help make Shop Lebanon possible and deserve to be spotlighted!
Want to be a sponsor? Just pay the Shop Lebanon Sponsorship of $50. This program is being supported by Partners for Progress (a 501c-3 Non-Profit EIN: 35-2330779) so these donations are tex deductible.Come on by RKI Insurance at 1175 Main Street, email Wyatt at, or call RKI at 541-451-1313.

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