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Shop Lebanon: Rules for Shoppers

Who is Eligible:

All people who consider themselves Lebanon Shoppers (including Lacomb, Waterloo, Sodaville, and the surrounding countryside). If you are an out of towner and are interested in starting a similar program, Shop Lebanon is willing to consult your town or city on setting up a Shop "_______" of their own.


    1. Interested Lebanon shoppers must either come register, fill out a registration card at a participating business, or send a registration email to Then pick up your free Shop Lebanon Card at RKI and start shopping!
    a. There is a one card per family limit, but you may purchase an additional card with the same number for $5
    2. Present your card during purchase (minimum $5) at participating stores to receive a point. You receive 1 point per transaction with a limit of 1 point per business per day (so you can get 7 points from 1 business in a week or shop at 5 businesses in one day to get 5 points). The stores will take care of recording your points, but we do recommend keeping receipts just in case. RKI will be collecting totals weekly and shops will keep a monthly master to make sure all points get recorded.
    3. There are bonus points up for grabs but you can only have twice the amount of transaction points so keep shopping as well!

    4. Bonus Points are as follows

    a. 5 bonus points for shopping at 5 different stores in July, 15 for 10, 30 for 20
    b. If we get 31 participating stores and you manage to shop at 31 different stores, you "shoot the moon" and get 50 points and Wyatt will buy you lunch!
    c. If you tell a friend to sign up and they give us your card number you get a bonus point
    d. Sponsoring a kid at the Boys & Girls Club is worth 5 transaction points (unlimited) so go help a kid out and really increase your chances!
    e. We are looking to tie into radio and newspaper campaigns so keep an eye out for more bonus prizes on the website and the two Facebook pages!

Shop Lebanon begins counting points at the start of business July 1st, and ends at the end of RKI's business day (5:00 pm) on July 31st. This is to allow for final accounting and winner selection that night, leaving 2 full days for the winner to prepare to have fun at the Oregon Jamboree!

Authoritative power rests with the Shop Lebanon Comity who reserve the right to add or change rules if deemed necessary, as well as enforce punitive measures if necessary, in order to keep Shop Lebanon fun and fair. Shop Lebanon is happy to hear suggestions and comments but final power rests with the administration.

Want to Join Shop Lebanon?

If you are interested in joining the Shop Lebanon as a shopper, stop on by RKI and sign up to receive your card! You can sign up any time from now til July 31st but be sure to sign up as early as possible so you can start earning points right away! If you want to register via email, send Wyatt an email with "Shop Lebanon Shopper Registration" in the subject and the following info:
Name, phone number, email, and address. Don' forget to come by and get the card!

Sponsor Links

These links are businesses and organizations that are going above and beyond to help make Shop Lebanon possible and deserve to be spotlighted!
Want to be a sponsor? Just pay the Shop Lebanon Sponsorship of $50. This program is being supported by Partners for Progress (a 501c-3 Non-Profit EIN: 35-2330779) so these donations are tex deductible.Come on by RKI Insurance at 1175 Main Street, email Wyatt at, or call RKI at 541-451-1313.

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