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Vern Reeves

Vern Reeves
Vern's Obituary

Born in Bloomingfield, Mo September 19, 1895 Died in Portland, Oregon 1968

Verns Garage
General Insurance
Vern Reeves started in business in Lebanon with his brothers, Emmel, Virgil and Dolph. They started a local grocery store. That store later became Reeves' Clothing. Vern then started Reeves' Garage. The original garage was located across from City Hall on the SW corner of Main St. and Maple St. He moved the garage to the Main St. and Ash St. location. Vern Reeves started the Vern Reeves Insurance Agency in 1926. The original location was on the NE corner of Main St and Ash St. The current site is now the home of Big Town Hero. He then moved to 565 Main St. where the agency stayed until 1977 when it moved into its' current location at 1175 Main St. Vern started selling Personal Lines and Farm Insurance to the Linn County Area.

Verns Office
He was known for his friendly manner and good humor. Standing 6'3" tall he was a big man for those days. He had a laugh to match his stature. Vern was also known for having a knack for doing marketing. He went around to the farms he insured and had several of them place signs on their barns. You can see an example of the one that was on Ed Bohle's barn in the photos on our facebook page. Vern ran the insurance agency until 1953 when he sold it to his daughter and son-in-law, Roland and Pat King. Vern is fondly remembered by his grandson, Jeff King for his practical jokes, playing cards and love of sports.

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A Story About Vern From His Grandson

One of my favorite this to do was to play 'Old Maid' with Grandpa. If I won, Vern would start tickling my feet. I would escape by running away into his room and sliding on the wood floors under the bed where grandpa could not get me. One day after I won, and when Grandpa tried to get me once again, I took off for the safety of Grandpa's room. Grandpa ha not told me, however, that he had the floor carpeted. Well, I stuck to the floor like velcro. Grandpa Vern grabbed him by the feet and tickled him all the way back into the family room. Laughing and giggling, we went to play another game of cards, with a smile on my face and hopes of beating Grandpa.