What Our Clients Say

Testimonials From Our Clients

Here's what our some of our clients said when we asked them why they chose RKI for their service needs

"I like to be personal with my clients and make sure they know they are valued and not just a number. I like RKI because they feel the same"
(AL, manager of an Asbestos inspection company)

"Over the years, RKI's staff has made it a priority to keep track of how my personal and business needs have changed and been able to tailor products to more effectively provide better coverage."
-BB, owner/operator of a machinist shop in Oregon

RKI has provided a personal touch with insurance. They stay on top of your insurance deadlines, policy coverage, and in my particular case, policy terms (length of coverage time). They know the market and they make sure you get the best coverage for the best price. Sometimes low insurance costs don't provide the best coverage and protection for a small business and they will point that out.
-JE, US engineer/consultant of water treatment plant construction

In the process of making insurance decisions it is very complicated in today's market. RKI and its staff have made our lives much less frustrating and chaotic in this area. They are experts who care and are able to help us figure out the best coverage for the best dollar. They are very positive people and friendly masking what could be a very intimidating decision much easier.
- SI, manager of a golf instruction company in Oregon